Lake Palourde 08/31

Lake Palourde (near Morgan City) is not too far away, so I went down there for an afternoon fishing trip.  Not a whole lot to report, the wind was absolutely insane, causing whitecaps, etc.  I put in at Lake End Park marina, then paddled through the waves into the canal that runs parallel to the marina driveway.  I fished up and down the canal but didn’t have any great action.  I did manage to catch a gaspergou on a small spinner bait.


I had never caught one of these before so I texted a picture to my cousin and he helped me identify it.

Fishing selfie

He was kind of small so I threw him back.  I fished some more but didn’t catch anything.  I packed up and headed back home.

Cypremort Point State Park, 08/22

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Went to Cypremort Point State Park, and I LOVED IT.  Fishing was a TOTAL bust, but still had a great time paddling nonetheless.  I think there was very little tide movement, and it was SUPER hot (the water felt like bathwater), which I think caused the fish to lose interest, but I had a great time.

On the way down I didn’t come across any easily accessible places to get bait, but I came across Dockside at the Point at the park entrance.  I didn’t find the place on Google Maps, but I stopped by and got everything I needed.  Definitely keep them in mind if you’re headed that way.  They gave me advice at where to catch some that day and later in the fall.

I don’t have a lot to report due to the lack of fish biting, but it was definitely a blast, and I’ll be back.