Old River, 06/28/2014

Again, this was quite some time ago, so I don’t remember all the details.  This time I went to Old River (a.k.a. Raccourci Old River).

Raccourci Old River

This was a pretty short trip.  The skies were overcast, there was a significant amount of wind, the water was WAY up, there were speedboats pulling people on skis and tubes…altogether it wasn’t super favorable conditions.  I have a 10 foot line on my anchor, and my anchor couldn’t hit bottom (I’m too cheap to buy an anchor reel or drift sock).  I don’t mind fishing deeper water, but I do like being able to manage my position, and being unable to anchor definitely hindered that.  I ended up hooking my anchor to a tree and fishing from there for a while.

As far as fish, I managed to catch two small catfish, and I’m not entirely certain I didn’t catch the same one twice.

Obligatory Fishing Selfie

I would try it again, but on a better day.  If anything, it’s a beautiful place to paddle.

Raccourci Old River

Raccourci Old River

Raccourci Old River

Raccourci Old River

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