Big Alabama Bayou, 06/07/2014

This was over two months ago, so I don’t remember a lot of details, but I thought it would be fun to share anyway.
Big Alabama Bayou is located in Sherburne WMA in the Atchafalaya Basin.  There are a lot of other bayous, ponds, etc. to fish, but I just tried out Big Alabama Bayou.

Big Alabama Bayou MapFor anyone interested in more information about the bayou:

Big Alabama BayouThe water wasn’t dirty, it was just dark – as if it had a lot of trees/leaves that had fallen in and colored the water.  You can see what I mean at the little launch/dock:

Big Alabama BayouThere is actually a launch on both sides of the dock, which is nice.  The dock is underwater because the water level was super high – logs of trees, bushes, etc. were underwater.

It was a fantastic day to be out on the water – the bayou is kind of narrow and is thus protected from wind, so the water doesn’t really get stirred up very much. Paddling through the bayou was like sliding around on butter.

Big Alabama BayouIt was not a productive fishing day, unfortunately. Just caught one little bluegill (not a keeper).  While I was there I saw four or five boats fitted out for bow-fishing combing through the bayou.  They were all going after gar, and if I remember correctly I saw a few myself.

Obligatory Fishing Selfie
Even though I only caught one fish, it was still a great day to be on the water.


Big Alabama Bayou 

Big Alabama Bayou


These are the gravel roads I talked about:

Heading out


That’s it!

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