Hello world

Over the past 16 years (as long as I’ve had an internet connection) I think I’ve had at least 3 blogs.  Possibly 4.  Inevitably, I lose interest in updating because life gets busy, nothing interesting going on, blah blah blah.  What’s different now?  A few things.

I’ve got good stuff I want to write about – I’m in Louisiana and there’s always something going on! 🙂

In the past I’ve written out of a “popularity contest” sense (admit it, we’ve all been there).  I wanted other people to think what I wrote was interesting and engaging, but let’s face it – I’m a software developer.  Engaging content is not my forte.

On the other hand, I want to use this as a platform where I can write more engaging content (contradictory, no?).  A facebook or twitter post sometimes just doesn’t convey what I want to say.  I’ve got things I want to talk about that I haven’t because posting them on facebook/twitter would be lame.

I’d like to use this as sort of a resume – I have a place I can discuss my work and not bore everyone to death (because they’re not reading it!).  Maybe someone will come along that would like to give me lots and lots of dollars for my insane development skills.

Lastly, I want to write simply for the fun of writing.  I want to write for me and not really give a rip about what other people think (this over-analytical post is a prime example of that).